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Published on 07/01/24

The light in the basement gave a faint glow from the only lamp that seemed to be working among the rest.

Drizzle could see shadows of different objects playing along the walls, giving her the chills. Still, she would rather watch the creepy images formed by the shadows than look at the masked man who was busy unbuckling his belt before he devoured himself inside of her.

She wished she could stop him, only if she could move her hands or better still scream but she was too weak to do that, she was drugged with God knows what.

She could only let the tears roll down freely like water fall from her eyes. He must have heard her faint sobs as he looked up at her and gave her this deceitful look of pity, a look of sarcasm.

"Hey beautiful, don't cry, daddy got you, just let yourself enjoy what daddy got for you," said the masked man who happened to be one of the guys who abducted Drizzle and other girls from the club.

Enjoy this? who in the world enjoys being raped by masked men? The voice of Chris lingered in her head, asking her to stop going to the club but what did she do? She sneaked behind him and went to the so-called club which was giving her the worst trauma.

Her heart called for Chris, hoping he would find her soon before this man would have his way with her. Oh damn it, don't cops put GPS locations on their girlfriends?

She gave up on waiting for a savior as the masked man was right in front of her, pants down, her eyes which were the only thing she could move fell on his huge cock in front of her.

He could probably see the fear in her eyes as he gave off a dangerous smirk, he said to the other two guys in the basement, "Come look at her face, she probably feels like it's too big for her", the three of them now staring into her face mocked her.

The other guy with the camera, taking the video of the rape process brought the camera to her face, she couldn't do anything but close her eyes and imagine she was with Chris.

It was working, she could see the scenario of the day she met Chris at the club, she was busy talking with the bartender and he was there dancing like he came to enjoy the party.



Drizzle was seen standing by the bar in a silver sequence dress which hugged perfectly on her body as she was engaged in a conversation with the bartender.

Tyler asked Drizzle "You don't mean it? The same Lilian?" His eyes lit up asking for more details

"Of course, would there be any other Lilian who frequents this club other than that slut? I am telling you, Jane caught her in her man's house naked in his room, her mouth filled with his cock like it's some sausage" Drizzle gave more insights into the gossip she told Tyler.

Drizzle's best friend, Lucy, walked up to her and winked at the bartender, "Hey there, does anyone know the new guy?"

Lucy's question made both drizzle and Tyler raised a brow at her, gazing at her, Tyler said, "Is it that guy trying to imitate Michael Jackson?" The two girls scoffed at his joke.

“Apart from Michael Jackson, he is more like a first-timer in this club, look at the way he is avoiding girls trying to dance with him," Drizzle said

Lucy rolled her eyes, watching Tyler mix drinks in a glass cup before offering it to her and said, "Or a first-timer in any club, looks like a cop" She took a sip out of whatever Tyler mixed into her cup for her to drink, new combo, he called it.

Drizzle shook her head in disagreement, "hell No, he dances too stupid to be a cop, he looks like a white-collar kind of guy trying to release his stress on a Friday night"

"I think I would rather go with what Lucy said, he kind of looks like a detective undercover", Tyler said and Lucy raised her glass gesturing her agreement to his statement.

Drizzle shook her head alongside her raised waving finger indicating her disagreement, "nah"

Lucy dropped her glass, turned to look at Drizzle, and said to her, "How much you wanna bet on it? I say he works behind a desk, a police one to be precise, I bet 20, you good?"

Drizzle took a good look at the guy and decided, her answer was "okay" Lucy left both of them and walked up to the guy who they just placed a bet on.

Lucy to the guy, "Hello, you know that friend of mine over there, she thinks you are cool, but she wouldn't give any guy the slightest attention except he is a cop, what do you think?"

The guy looked over to the direction where Drizzle stood and his heart skipped a beat. His eyes couldn't believe the sight in front of him. He couldn't believe he could see a lady who could get his Interest.

Drizzle smiled when she noticed him staring right at her, and just like that he pushed back his sense of duty at whatever operation he was under covering for, her radiant smile was too captivating as he whispered to Lucy, "Guess what, I happened to be just the guy, I am a cop".

The listening aid in his ear called out his name, "Chris, what the heck are you doing? you are supposed to stay undercover till we get to find Slick and his gangs, Chris"

"You know how you tell me to get myself a love life? I think I found it, do the operation without me" The person behind the police radio was about to protest but Chris took off the earbuds and placed them in his pocket while he got to where Drizzle was standing.

Drizzle stared shockingly when she saw the guy approaching her, she gave Lucy a raised brow behind the guy who was now smiling brightly at her.

Chris stretched out his hand and said, "Hi, the name is Chris, nice to meet you, I believe my job fits right into the kind of guy you would like to speak with, what are you? An ex-convict?" Drizzle took his hands while she gave her best friend a killer look.

"Now, what did you do?" Drizzle said to her friend who took a long sip of her once-abandoned drink as she prepared to leave Drizzle with the stranger.

"I didn't do anything, all I did was say a word, but hey, you might thank me one day for this" and she blew Drizzle a kiss and walked hurriedly away from them.

Drizzle had to fumble her hand away from Chris's own as he stared in awe at her face, she said to him, "I am sorry, she must have said something wrong, Tyler what the hell did you mix in her drink, coke?" Tyler just smiled at her as he mixed drinks for other customers in front of him.

"Watch it girl, you don't want me putting a handcuff in your hands, but well your friend said you prefer to play cop and a bad girl" Chris winked and came along with a smirk as he showed her the handcuffs behind the jacket he wore.

Drizzle mouth opened, and Tyler gave her a friendly nudge on her back making her turn to look at him and say to him "Don't tell me I am losing 20 dollars", Tyler made her roll her eyes at him.

The conversation went on, talking about random things, and finding common interests, and the jokes each made brought up a roar of laughter from both sides, soon It started to feel like they were the only ones in the club as time seemed to fly by.

The night progressed smoothly, it was so enchanting as both felt like they were in each other's spell, they were not aware of the time until Tyler knocked on the bar table to get their attention, "I hate to interrupt, but we gotta close, you gonna see a cab this late? You could join the boys and me for a ride".

Drizzle picking up her purse from the table while Chris helped her down the chair said to Tyler, "I should see a cab, I don't want to inconvenient the boys, thanks for offering though"

They came outside of the club and were met with the crisp air that bit on their skin, It would have been dark if not for the neon sign posts along the streets and the eerie glow of the moon, the air blew on Drizzle's skin as she crossed her arms across her chest sheltering herself from the harsh weather.

Chris took off his jacket and wore it on her shoulders, he smirked when he saw the blood rush to her face in a blush, he noticed a cab approaching as he told her, "Lucky you, you don't have to wait for long in this cold", he stretched out his hand asking the cab to stop and then watched Drizzle get in and he closed the door after her.

"How are you going to get a cab so soon? it's getting late; I hope your place isn't far away?" Drizzle asked.

"Well, it is but it's not like I could ride with you in your cab, it's a different path to my place, except you want to house me tonight" he smiled and waved at her.

She opened the door and replied to him, "Well, I don't mind, police are our friend, right?" she gave him a flirty wink.

"Exactly," Chris said before getting into the cab which drove them to Drizzle place.


Drizzle and Chris were seen entering the apartment, Drizzle was about to switch on the light but then Chris pulled her to his hard chest and said, "damn, maybe me coming here was a bad idea, ever since I got in the cab, watching you talk made me wonder what else these lips could do, wondering how they taste, Drizzle, I don't know what's going on in My head but I want to kiss you so bad that the whole of my body is trembling, fighting the urge, I want…"

Drizzle placed a finger on his lips to prevent him from talking further, "why are you fighting it? What's stopping you?" Chris took the hand she placed on his lips in his hands and pressed a kiss to it, before bringing his face so close to his as her delicious scent of rose hit his nose, he replaced whatever was about to come out of her mouth with a passionate kiss, while pulling on his jacket on her shoulder allowing it to fall to the ground.

She accepted his kiss greedily like she had been starved of it, She could feel herself losing every screw that held her body together and she was loving every bit of the wonders Chris's tongue did inside her mouth.

She let go of the purse she was holding as she held onto Chris's hair, fumbling her fingers deep inside of it, drawing him closer to her chest.

Chris's lips fell on her bare neck as he sucks deeply on her necks, he pushed her gently till her back touched the walls, and he placed one of his hands on her neck while the other found its way inside her gown, roaming his hand around her laps as he deepens the pressure of his lips on her neck.

Drizzle let out a moan from her throat when the flow of passion passed through her blood and sizzled across her skin.

His hand once on her neck found its way to the spaghetti strip of her gown as he pulled it down, he looked down to see any bit of protest, but he found her eyes closed as he could tell she was loving every bit of their intimacy, his two hands pulled each strip down as he lowered the gown, letting it fall to her waist.

His eyes fell to the beautiful firm breast that was trapped between their bodies, he pushed himself backward to enjoy more of the sights and without remorse, he took both breasts in his hands like he was checking for the weight before fumbling one and the response to that was the groan that erupted from her half breath.

He returned to kissing her while his finger pulled on one of her nipples, nudging it to come hard at his touch, she opened her eyes horrified at herself- how she was lost in the sudden flare of sexual sparkles that flowed through her whole system at his touch, her eyes met his and it was like it captured hers in a long exchange of look, but then she notices the short hairs that curled up on his chest as she realized two of the buttons have been loosed, when did he do that? She wondered.

She then decided to complete the job as she began to lose the button from the chest downwards and pulled the hem off the trouser he had neatly tucked it in, he flung the shirt off his body and went back to kissing her, now aware she wants all he has to offer.

Her hands found their way to his belt as she tried unbuckling it, He took her hand and trapped it above her head, fear crept into her mind that he was going to stop them from going deeper, she wanted him now, not knowing that the words she thought were said in her mind only was blurted out as a whisper to his ear, "don't stop, please" she pleaded to be touch by him, she wanted more of him, a man who could kiss as he does would sway her away in bed and she couldn't wait to explore that.

"Let me help you with that, It's not an easy one to unbuckle" he whispered into her ear sending electric nerves to her brain, he moved a few inches away from her to give himself room to unbuckle his belt and when it came off, he pulled down his trousers alongside, kicking it to the corner of the wall.

Drizzle stared at the god figure standing before her very sight, she didn't know if she should bow and worship him or continue to fill her eyes with such a pleasing sight, her eyes roamed on his wide-smooth shoulders, a hair roughened chest that was so satisfyingly muscled, her eyes then fell on his nipple that was well structured, making hers hard as they begged to touch his.

She decided to take a full look at him as she noticed he had a tight waist, flat hips, and strong thighs, holding up his penis, her eyes widened at the size of the organ that made him a man, she could feel the wetness lingering on her pants and she blushed at the thoughts that he would find out of her desires of him soon, he closed up the space between them.

Her hands held firmly by his above her head as he kissed her in a hot steamy mode, he let go of her hands as he scooped her lap to wrap around him and placed her on the dining table, she flung off the few items on it to avoid any form of disturbance, she doesn't care about them now, she wanted the length of this man buried deep inside of her and nothing could stop her.

He yanked the gown off her legs as he placed kisses on her smooth satin skin, he then replaced his lips with his tongue, licking up to the band of her pants, he took the band of her pant in his teeth and used his hands to support the pull of her pant down to her legs which she flew it across the room, making the both of them chuckled, "whoa, with the sight of you, even if the world is turned upside down, I wouldn't stop".

His hands separated her laps, and he placed one of his hands between her pelvic area, making her shiver when a finger of his stroked her clits, how can such little touch make her electrified like she was holding a life wire, another of his finger slipped through her already welcoming vaginal and then another finger, he teased her, "that's a pool we got here", she was also well aware of her wetness, her head fell to the back hoping to get more of the air into her lungs.

He moved his fingers in and out of her with an energy she couldn't seem to match as she held his hands to stop him, she couldn't take any more, she needed to breathe but his grip was too strong as he continued to stroke her down there, "not yet baby, I want all your juice, I want you to hit climax so bad, I want to hear how you scream, making all the neighbors wonder if you need help" He increased the speed intensity of his fingers and she finally let out a moan that filled the whole of the room.

He watched how she forced the air into her lungs, her chest rising and falling, she let out a heavy sigh that made him chuckle, she blushed like a teenager having hit climax for the first time, this wasn't her first, but this was her first time hitting climax so fast, she wondered if it's just him or because it's been years she had long been intimidate with any man.

She pulled him nearer to her, reaching for his boxers, he whispered into her ear, "I prefer trying my woman out before my dick goes in if you don't mind" He watched her face go from a point of confusion to a state of she doesn't mind, she bit her lips wondering what else he has in store for her.

She watched him lowering his head as his lips took the place of where his fingers once were, his tongue dancing around her clit, he slid a finger into her vaginal and both his fingers and mouth made her vibrate, she was moaning out words he couldn't well comprehend.

She held his head close to her vagina, urging him to go faster and deeper, her fingers tousled his hair as she let out a cry filling every inch of the room, he immediately placed a hand, covering her mouth, "When I said wake your neighbors, I didn't know you could do that, why are you so loud? Tell me in words, what do you want?"

"I want you inside of me, I need the whole of you", her fingers digging into the skin of his nape as she tried to pull him closer to her, he took her invitation as he brought out his already hard dick from his boxers.

Her hand quickly wrapped around him as she pressed her pubis to his, he teased her by stroking her wet entrance with the cup of his dick, "You want this, right? You want it inside?" He could see the torture written all over her face as she hung on to the breaths trapped inside her lungs.

"Yes please, put it in, I want it so bad", she couldn't believe she was asking for a man's penis like her life depends on it, she was going to run crazy if he didn't put it inside her now, her hips moving carelessly as she hoped his dick would slide in.

"Stay still!" he ordered holding her firmly with the strong grip of his hand as he heed to her demand, he puts his dick into her hungry-waiting vagina slowly from the tip until the whole of him was in, a groan erupts from his voice as he wasn't expecting her to be so tight.

Don't all girls who frequent the club get laid all the time? Chris wondered as he moved his whole length inside of her, she held him tightly like she couldn't take more of him, Chris stopped when he saw the tears roll down from her eyes.


Realization hit Drizzle when she felt the big dick that was riding her carelessly, this man was not Chris that stopped when he saw her tears, her tears were turning this bad man on and there was no one to save her from this dilemma.

She wished she had just listened to Chris.

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