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History of Pornography

Recalling the history of pornography is not an easy task. This topic is so sensitive and delicate that it's all too easy to cross the line and unnecessarily "brag" about bad taste.

A huge number of artifacts found in ancient Mesopotamia contained explicit depictions of heterosexual sex. Glyptic art of the Sumerian Early Dynastic period often depicts scenes of frontal sex in the missionary pose.

In China, the most productive in terms of erotic material is considered to be the Han Dynasty (206 BC. B.C.). э. - 24 year n. э. ). At that time, among other things, as many as eight sex manuals were created. And, since China developed on a different path from Europe, these manuals and the pornographic prints they contained (which were given an important role and even dedicated to poetry) were not threatened until the late Middle Ages.

Modern people think they discovered sex or that it was different before the 20th century, but they are wrong. The eighteenth century was a century of social and religious upheaval in France and experienced a kind of boom in erotic works. However, the politicized society of the Enlightenment era reshaped eroticism to suit its own ends and purposes. The authors were philosophers of the time, and their pornographic works were mostly intended to be read aloud in the public square. The style of the works became rather journalistic: only facts, incidents, comments on political events - but under what sauce.

For pornography, the invention of the movie made it possible to see bodies in motion, contact in different angles, close-ups, in unaccustomed before details. Porn cinema emerged at the very beginning of the 20th century. The business is believed to have been thriving as early as 1904.

Most porn was filmed in Germany, France and Latin America. In the US., porn movies were created by absolute professionals in the business. Cinema in Sixties America had lost its former social conquests: the mainstream movies of the Seventies were rife with violence and obscenity. And the experimental - think of Andy Warhol's exercises - openly flirted with pornography. In 1969, Denmark legalized all forms of pornography. That's where eight millimeter film for amateur photography came into its own.

The first network-capable home computers led to the emergence of online adult services in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The widespread adoption of the World Wide Web quickly turned into the dot-com boom, driven in part by an incredible global increase in the demand for and consumption of pornography and erotica.

There is conflicting evidence on the social impact of pornography. Some of the findings come from a meta-analysis summarizing data from previous studies. A 2015 meta-analysis found that pornography consumption correlates with sexual aggression. However, it is unknown whether pornography promotes, reduces, or has no effect on sexual aggression at the individual level because the correlation cannot be causal.

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