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Published on 07/06/24

“I'm all yours, daddy,” I purr, jiggling my large tits close to the webcam, letting you get a good view of my swollen pink nipples.

I'm wearing a black net bikini, just like you asked the last time we had our one-on-one show. You said you wanted a wilder show this time, more than the last one where your fat cock spilled so much cum it looked like you were gonna pass out. But I know you're a real freak and you're not gonna stop till you've got your fix.

And that's why CandyCoochie is here for you.

I'm going to give you the show of your life.

“Tell me what you want, daddy,” I breathe, running my hands over my boobs and tweaking my nipples. “I wanna give it to you good, make you cum like a freakin' waterfall, daddy.”

You like to be called daddy. You like being in control while the thought of me being dominated especially by you excites me and tingles my pussy. I'm already soaking wet just waiting for you to get started.

I may not have told you this but you're by far the best client I've had since I began working as a camgirl 3 years ago. You're the freaking best cam show viewer ever, in fact. You pay me good, tip me really good, treat me right, and know just how to get this pussy wet without even trying.

And your cock, hmm, your cock is a sight for sore eyes. 7 inches, you said, when I had asked you how big it was. I don't need to tell you how I felt a frisson in my pussy when you revealed it to me. Our one-on-one shows have become the favourite part of my job. And the sight of your big cock makes it all the more enjoyable.

“Get up and do a 360 for daddy, my little slut,” you command, your voice deep and rough. It's the kind of voice that only makes me weak in the knees and makes me wetter.

Your eyes are glued to me, your hunger clear as day. Your jaw is clenched, your teeth gritted like you're trying to hold in all of your dirty desires. But I know you better by now. We've been doing this private show for weeks. I know you're gonna release all that pent-up dirty desires on me and turn me into your personal slut for tonight.

And I love it, daddy.

I get up from my bed, like a stripper, swaying my hips from side to side. The camera pans around me, letting you see my ass jiggle, my boobs bounce. I'm so hot for you and I hope you can see it. I take my seat on my bed once again, my legs wide open so that you can see my sweet coochie through my net panties.

“You like what you see, daddy?” I caress my pulsating pussy and squeeze tits so hard, biting my bottom lip.

“Hell yeah, I do. You're so fucking hot. So perfect.” You groan, still sitting at the edge of your bed and grip the waistband of your pants. “Are you ready for my cock?”

I nod excitedly and lick my lips. “Yes, daddy. Give it to me. You know how much I love your cock.”

“Oh yeah?” You start unbuckling your belt, the metallic sound making me anticipate. “Tell me just how much you love my cock. Go on, tell me, my dirty little slut.”

I smile widely and start, spreading my legs wider as you drink in every inch of my pussy. “Oh, daddy,” I breathe, feeling a rush of warm wetness inside my already wet puss as I make a mental picture of your big fuckpipe.

“Your cock… it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It makes me feel like such a filthy slut. I imagine how it'd stretch my tight little pussy, how you'd make me scream with that big fuck meat if you were here. God, your cock is massive! I love it! I want to see it shoot a shitload of cum again. I want to make your cock swell with so much cum and explode with all of that spunk, daddy.”

And then you say with a loud grunt, “That's it, my little slut. Tell me how badly you want my cock.”

I reply, my nipples swelling even more, and more heat pools in my cunt, “Mmm, your cock is divine! I want it so bad, daddy. I want it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass. I want you to use me like the dirty little whore I am. I'm your personal cumbucket. I want to ride your cock and feel it deep inside my wet pussy until I cum all over it.”

You love it when I talk dirty like this, when I talk as if you're really here. You love it when I worship your cock. And I do. Who wouldn't want to worship such a fine work of art?

You suck in a loud breath and finally loosen your belt. I know what's coming next and I can't wait to see it—your thick, hard cock. You slowly pull your pants down, revealing your huge cock, standing straight and proud. I let out a soft moan the moment I saw it. Engorged hard meat filled up my laptop screen, the veins stretching up to the rim of the cock and pulsing at intervals.

“This is what you want, isn't it, baby?” You grip your cock and give it a few strokes, making my mouth water.

“Yes, daddy. Fuck, your cock looks so big and yummy! I could gobble it all down.” I lick my lips again, feeling my pussy pound. My clit is already throbbing just watching you stroke your gigantic fuckpipe.

You stroke your cock harder and I can see it throbbing, the veins bulging. Your muscles taut as your strong hand goes faster, bouncing around your shaft. You shut your eyes for a moment, probably thinking about how your dick would feel lodged inside my hungry pussy.

When you open your eyes, I'm extremely turned on. . My coochie is brimming with heat and pulsing with every passing second. I'm so wet for you, daddy. Damn, this is what I mean when I say you effortlessly make my pussy drenched without trying too hard.

“Come on, my filthy slut, show daddy how to work a cock. I want to see just how you gon' gobble all of this meat down your slutty throat.”

You give me an order and I have no choice but to obey. I'm all yours tonight, yours around this time every week. You have no idea how you drive me wild with your insistent, dominating nature. You know exactly how to push my buttons, how to make me melt into a horny puddle of goo.

And tonight, I'm ready to be your personal fuck toy, your cumslut.

I grab a large, veiny, flesh-coloured dildo from my nightstand and hold it up to the camera, grinning. “Is this what you mean, daddy? Do you want to see me gag on this big dick?”

“Yes, slut. Show daddy how you'd suck his fat cock!”

I lube the toy up with my saliva, making sure it's nice and slick. “Mmm, yes,” I moan, sinking the dildo deep into my mouth, groaning as it hits the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

In normal circumstances, I would swallow every inch of this cock without gagging. But I have to put on this act for you because you told me you like it when your women gag and choke on your cock. It turns you on all the more.

I look up at the camera, my eyes watering and my cheeks flushed. “Do you like that, daddy? Do you like to see me choking on this big, fat cock? Does it make your cock hard, knowing I'm such a slut for you?”

You mutter a 'fuck' and keep stroking your cock. You breathe hard, watching me swallow the dildo, pretending it's your enormous rod.

“Ohhh, that's it, baby, suck that cock!”

I take the dildo out of my mouth, drool spilling down my chin and slap the toy against my tongue, moaning around it. I watch as your hand moves faster, the sound of your fap resonating out of my speakers. I moan and slowly tease the tip of the dildo with my tongue, swirling it around the head, my eyes never leaving the camera.

“Do you want me to make you cum, daddy?” I purr. “Do you want to see your dirty little slut's mouth filled with your hot load?”

I slide the dildo back into my mouth, bobbing my head back and forth as I fuck my own face with it. “I bet you want to fuck this throat, huh? To feel these lips wrapped around your fat cock?”

I look up at the camera. "Please, daddy. Let me taste your cum. I want you to explode all over my face and tits.”

“Keep sucking,” you growl, clenching your teeth and adjusting your position on your bed.

Ouuu, I'm loving this!

My head bobs up and down and I'm adding some suction to my sucking, my cheeks hollowing out as I gobble down the fake cock. I know how to work a cock and I'm determined to please you, daddy. To make you see just how good I can handle your thick fuck meat. I apply the right amount of pressure and speed, making me moan with the dildo wedged in my mouth.

You grunt, gripping your sheets with your free hand while still stroking your 7-inch meat rod. I begin sucking harder, for you, daddy. Just for you. I gaze through the webcam with my big doe eyes and the grip on your sheets tightens. I suck the dildo like a sex-craved whore, slurping on this object.

My spit splutters all over the fake cock, turning it into a sticky mess. My eyes are pooled with tears, sweet, sweet tears. But I'm relentless. I deepthroat the dildo, nudging it at the back of my throat severally. I gag and choke, tears streaming down my face.

“Fuck, Candy! I'm gonna cum!” You say aloud, your voice strained and your breathing becoming heavy. “I'm gonna fucking cum!”

I stop sucking and focus on you. “Oh, cum for me, daddy! Give me all of your cum! Please, daddy. Show me what a good little cumslut I am!" I plead, licking my lips hungrily.

Your cock begins to twitch, your body tensing up as the moment approaches. Your eyes hold mine, your hand jerking your cock furiously.

“Fuck, here it comes, baby!” You groan loudly, your cock erupting like a volcano, spurting hot, white ropes of cum into the air.

"Fuck, yes! Cum for me, daddy! All over my face and tits! Cover me in your hot load!" I scream, my hand cupping my breasts, massaging them.

Some of your hot sticky cum lands on your computer screen, your bedsheets and even the wall!

"Oh fuck, that's it! Cum everywhere, daddy!" I moan, biting my lower lip as I watch your cock twitch and shudder, your hand continuing to pump your shaft, milking every last drop of cum out of your balls. You gasp for breath, your eyes still on me, watching me massage my tits.

“Did you enjoy that, daddy?” I whimper, my fingers playing with my breasts.

You inhale a sharp breath and nod, half-smiling. “Yes, my sweet little cumbucket. I enjoyed it. But I'm not done with you yet.”

I smirk. I love the sound of that. Your words make my pussy jubilate.

“Now, Candy,” you speak with authority, the kind I know I'm gonna have to obey. “Take off your panties. Spread your legs and angle your pussy at the camera. Show me that sweet little cunt.”

I quiver at your words, loving the way you order me around. I'm nothing but a filthy slut for you and you know it. I pull my panties off slowly, deliberately, as if I'm putting up a strip show for you. Just for you, daddy.

“That's it, my dirty slut,” you say, watching me closely through the webcam. “Show daddy that dripping wet cunt. I want to see it glistening with your juices. Mmm, yes. That's my good little slut.”

I spread my legs wide open, angling my pussy right in front of the webcam, giving you a perfect view of my coochie. My folds are swollen and puckered, my slit dripping with my juice, so wet and glistening.

"God, look at that pussy!" you exclaim, your eyes focused on my cunt and your cock goes hard again.

My body gets hotter as I stay open wide for you. I'm so vulnerable. I love the dirty sensation it fills me with.

“Now, slut, pick up that dildo. I want to see you fuck yourself with it. I want to see that tight little cunt stretched open.”

I grab the dildo from the bed, its wetness making my fingers slip a bit. I hold it up, showing you my toy.

“That's right, my slut. Now shove it inside that hungry cunt. Fuck yourself with that dildo.”

I don't hesitate. I slide the dildo into my dripping pussy, my body shaking with pleasure as I feel it stretch me open. I moan with my lips closed, giving you the best show you've ever had. My pussy covering your whole screen. You see how it throbs, how my pussy walls stretch as I thrust the dildo all the way in, how it sucks in the toy everytime I pull it out.

My cunt is so juicy, it's dripping on the sheets. You sough and your hand goes to your cock. Your hand starts stroking your hard shaft again and a trickle of pre-cum drips from your head, trickling down your shaft, lubing you up for the stroking.

“Fuck, you're so wet. Squeeze your tits while you fuck that cunt.”

Your wish is my command.

I grab my breasts, squeezing them with one hand, my fingers digging into my soft flesh, my pussy walls contracting on the dildo as I fuck myself harder, deeper. My nipples are now extremely swollen with a delicious, slightly painful feeling and I'm moaning to my own touch.

“Mmm, yes, daddy!”

My hips grind against the dildo, thrusting it in and out of my dripping cunt. I moan louder and louder, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. This is sensational! You watch me, your eyes fixed on my body, your cock throbbing in your hand, your fist working the shaft up and down rapidly.

“You like that, you little slut? Does it feel good, fucking yourself for me? Stroking my cock while I watch you? Do you want to cum for me? Show me what a good little slut you are and cum for me, baby. Cum for Daddy.”

“Ouuuu, yes daddy!”

I moan even louder, my hips bucking against the dildo, my hand squeezing my breasts harder as the pleasure builds. My pussy is so wet, the sound of the dildo plunging in and out of me getting louder and squelching.

“Cum for me now, Candy. I want to see you cum all over that dildo. Fuck yourself faster and make that pussy squirt, baby!”

I moan and obey, ramming the dildo faster, harder, and deeper into my soaking wet cunt. My body is shaking, my breath coming in short, gasping pants as the pleasure builds to a crescendo.

"Yes, daddy! Yes, yes, yes! I'm gonna cum! Fuck!" I scream, my eyes rolling back in my head as I feel the first waves of my orgasm wash over me.

“Ahhhhh!” My body arches off the bed and my pussy begins to spasm and contract around the dildo. Hot, creamy juices gush out of me, like a fountain, as my orgasm takes over my body. Every muscle in my body strains.

The sensations are overwhelming and I can't seem to stop cumming. My pussy squirts over and over, my entire body trembling and convulsing. You watch in awe and increase the pace of your strokes. My vision is almost blurry but I hear the loud grunt when you eject another load of spunk. I'm catching my breath now and so are you.

“Same time next week, Candy?” you ask, your lips curved in a full smile.

I grin and reply, “Count on it, daddy.”

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